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The hosts

The winery belongs to Petra and Christoph Lehmann, a German couple with four children from Berlin. Their great love for wine and the Languedoc led them to take over the Domaine St. Antoine in 2011. They would like to share their enthusiasm for wine, land, culture and people of the region with others and are therefore looking forward to your visit.

  • Petra Lehmann

    Petra Lehmann

    Loving good wines was almost in Petra Lehmann's cradle. Her father was a great wine lover and enjoyed sharing this love of wine with others. As a pharmacist with a doctorate, Petra Lehmann also has a great interest in plants, their physiology and their effect on people. And the effect that good wine has on people has now become her great passion.

  • Christoph Lehmann

    Christoph Lehmann

    Christoph Lehmann has had a great love of France and the French culture and way of life since childhood. Together with his love of good wine, this led the lawyer and notary from Berlin and his wife to dream of making French wine themselves. And in the Minervois, an area with a very original charm, he and his Petra then found the right place to realize this idea.

  • Arnaud Horety

    Arnaud Horety

    Cellar master

    Arnaud Horety, born in Rieux in 1986, has spent almost his entire life among the vines. From the age of seven, he regularly accompanied his grandparents and father as they worked their vineyards.

  • Manuel de Almeida Baptista

    Manuel de Almeida Baptista

    Viticulture manager

    Manuel de Almeida Baptista, of Portuguese origin, moved to Rieux with his wife a quarter of a century ago. Since then he has worked continuously in viticulture.

  • Sylvine Bouchez

    Sylvine Bouchez

    Executive assistant

    Sylvine Bouchez, originally from Languedoc, has returned to our region with her family after her studies and a long stay in La Réunion.

  • Emilien Franciosi

    Emilien Franciosi


    Emilien has driven the love of wine to the south. Originally from the area of Grenoble, he has realized that here in the south fantastically good wines are produced at reasonable prices. So, after working for a while in restaurants and as a sommelier, he was drawn to our area, where he tries with all his heart and soul to bring our customers closer to our wines.



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